Our values

Our values are the foundation of our mission to enhance the lives of all New Zealanders. That’s why we put our values FIRST in everything we do.


What does Fun’mean at Just Life Group?

We believe that Fun happens when people:

  • feel part of something
  • feel appreciated
  • are comfortable in their surroundings
  • enjoy the company of their fellow team members
  • are treated fairly and with respect

Fun is generated by a positive work culture – the foundation of any great business.

All of our office staff in all our branches, work on the same floor. THis is not by chance – we do everything we can to avoid an upstairs/downstairs culture.


What does Integrity mean at Just Life Group?

Integrity means always being fair and honest with all our stakeholders: our team, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Integrity can also be defined as ‘the state of being whole and undivided’. This means operating with consistency in all interactions across all aspects of our business.


What does Respect mean at Just Life Group?

In every interaction – with our customers, team members, shareholders and suppliers – we encourage our people to ask themselves: “is this how I would like to be treated?’

Respect is about seeing things from the other person’s point of view, not just your own.

We are acutely aware that you must earn respect – you cannot demand it.


What does Service mean at Just Life Group?

Service means ‘thinking like a customer’. It means providing everything a customer needs, including things they might not know they need.

The more you understand your customers, the more professionally you can serve them.

We pride ourselves on always being available to our customers, from the top down.

Unlike most companies, anybody can call, text or email our CEO at any time.


What does Trust mean at Just Life Group?

Trust is a key foundation of Just Life Group. Being trustworthy is quite simply being worthy of someone’s trust. If our team members inherently trust each other, they will be more motivated to serve our customers.

Trustworthiness establishes a level of comfort between us and our customers. We encourage all our team members to behave consistently in a manner that attracts people’s trust.